RoseOnRails – A new lead regarding our position issue!

Hi everyone,

We have a now lead for our train positionning issue. We would like to keep certain LEDs lit up on the railway. Each of those LEDs would be landmarks and have different colors. The color of those LEDs would be detected thank to color sensors placed underneath our locomotives, so that each locomotive would be able to know its position when they run on those LEDs.

As  a matter of fact, we don’t need to know the position of the locomotives at every single moment, this information is only useful when a locomotive runs above a LED which is part of the game.
As we’ll know which of these LEDs wil be lit up, the train will be able to count the LEDs they run on with regard to the last landmark they were on. Consequently, this system will enable us to know above which LED the trains will run when they do so.

The only thing we need to implement this system now are color sensors. I have looked  up the color sensors models on the internet and have reduced my choice to 5 of them. I just need to find the right one today!

Have a nice day!

Noémie Bristol-Courgeon

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