LEDzep – Global structure (FIXED)

So today I finished my Athens class on biomecanic inflatable obstacle course at Art & Métier Paristech. I also sent the confidentiality papers for Parrot, at last.

We are settled on almost every components aufblasbarer wasserpark in the system, and are just inflatable water park hesitating on the battery current, the battery reducer and protection system and a few other things.

Here is a global schematics of the system :

Screenshot from 2014-03-22 18:28:22

And this weekend, PCB design !

3 comments to LEDzep – Global structure (FIXED)

  • Just curious, why do you need 2 ARM uC?
    Is the cortex M4 not powerful enough?
    Did you consider using the nRF8001 instead of the nRF51 for example?
    …anyway, it seems that your PCB is going to be really cool 😉

  • You are entirely right we don’t really need an additionnal ARM µc. And the nRF8001 looks good for what we intend to do. I’ll keep searching
    Thanks a lot !

  • Happy to help 😉