Back in Action

Hello !

I am now in A406, everything is back to normal !
So, today, I tried just for fun to route my PCB. I know that I will have to do it again, because it is probably not the proper way to do it, and most likely Alexis will suggest me to move some components to optimize the PCB. Also… I have to change the SWD debugger. It is not the right component for the moment (I will change it as soon as I finished this post, and maybe you will be able to see a new version of my PCB). But I made that to be assure that it was possible, and that there were not any problem that I had not seen before.


Then, I was able to boot on Linux, and to read some code. I tried to understand what my coworkers had done during the week, so I read without understanding everything Scala-Android code. I read a little tutorial about Android, because I had never done that before, and so on… I also check that I was able to flash the BLE Stack on my device (and thanks to Matthieu, I am).

Moreover, I also try some comands on the Jedi Git slides. I am still a git-beginner. That is why it is really useful to learn, try to use, and understand all comands, before to be confronted to real git problems such as an awful merge ! I am well prepared, now… I hope (it is the third time I read this presentation… so, I hope I will remember it !)

That’s all for today (well… almost, because, I said, I have to fix the SWD debugger just now !)

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