Plume – Emitter RLC

Hi all.

Today I have worked on the RLC of the emitter. My aim was to maximize the magnetic field generated by the emitter, therefore the N*I parameter of the coils (NUMBER OF TURNS * CURRENT).
But I had different constraints.
The rise time (tr) of the transient response should be the shortest possible, less than 1/(200*4*6) = 200 us. Because we can’t easily make measure during the tr = 2*L/R.
The intensity I in the copper wire can’t go higher than 400 mA DC. I tried it, the copper was too hot.
The quality factor Q = fo*2*pi*L/R shouldn’t be too high neither too low.
The amplitude U of the tension applied to the RLC can’t be too high < 30V.

With U = 15V,  N = 63 (L = 700 uH), R = 10 ohm, C = 100 pF,
we should have a Q = 8, I = 1A, a tension of 1V at 20cm in the receiver coil and the following time response.

emetteur temporel

Now, I need to try with the L6206 (H-Bride of WAMI). I hope there isn’t maximum value acceptable for the capacity with a H-Bridge.


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