LEDzep – PCB


After a tiring Athens week in Madrid, I worked today with designView in order to create a first version of our PCB. We choosed all our components so we can now work on connections. We tried to understand all the PIN specifications and how we will use all the devices.
Here is an overview of our work:
Some points are still not finished on this PCB:
– We must meet an expert in order to determine precisely how to make our antenna. In fact, we need a large scope for our balloons, so it will be better to make our own antenna on the PCB rather than taking an already made.
– We will, certainly tomorow, add voltage regulators in order to provide a safe voltage to the STM32.

Than, next step: Expedition PCB!


3 comments to LEDzep – PCB

  • So you keep the nRF51 and the STM32? (No nRF8001?)

  • Thomas

    Yeah, as we bought nRF51 development kit, we already own several nRF51822 chips, plus we are already familiar, (more or less) we those one.
    But your previous comment is still valid, it’s just more convenient right now

  • Fair enough.
    Off topic: I’m just not sure how a job interviewer would accept this design choice, but you’re totally right, keep it simple as long as you’re aware of the trade off.
    Keep hakin’