PCB almost ready…

Hey !

Today, guess what I have done : yes, still PCB. But I promise you that I am almost done with it, and so, you will not hear of PCB anymore. Some major changes on my PCB :

  •  First of all, about the alimentation : I was wondering if the DC/DC was really the best solution, or if it was the LDO. I resigned myself to doing some calculations about the consumption in different cases in order to know if DC/DC really allow to save some battery. One of them was the consumption of the CPU when it advertises every second, and sleep until the next time it has to advertise. It seems easy, but finding every data I need was quite difficult and took me really a lot of time. I was really annoyed (and bored), until Sam helped me by suggesting me to look at the nordic devzone. There, it was pretty obvious that DC/DC was not so good, especially when you want to use BLE (it scrambles BLE communication). That is why I removed all inductors and capacitors related to DC/DC : and that is great, it is now really easier to route !
  • I also replaced the SWD debugger…
  • … and I made some clean up, in order to have a really “pretty” PCB design View.
  • To conclude, I made my very first route (which is not just for fun, but for real) ! I am now wondering if it would pass Alexis’ test.

In addition, yersterday evening, I read Sam’s powerpoint presentation about Android, in order to understand the notions of activities, intents, services, … To be able to link it with the BLE stack, I also read some documentation.
That is why I was well prepared this morning, when Lau explained us (Matthieu and I) what she has done during last week and how her Android application worked. It was a bit difficult to apprehend Scala syntax (and Android’s).Matthieu also explained Lau and I how his own code hanged together.

I have now to bury myself into those codes, and to understand everything to be able to go on !

3 comments to PCB almost ready…

  • So what’s your final choice, internal LDO?

    • Blyste

      Yes, it is. I hope we will not use all of battery really quickly because of that 🙂

  • In my case I use an external LDO because I also need to supply other components but I’m sure the internal one is really good, I just didn’t really understand your conclusion…
    Keep hackin’