Plume – Project Architecture

I too haven’t posted here in a long time, though the week has been filled with work ! Things are getting more concrete, and this is really exciting. On Saturday the 15th, I spent much time working on the software architecture of our project. Putting the ideas on paper really helped me figure out how to implement our software and how to make everything work, and I think that the resulting architecture definition will really be helpful to work efficiently.

During the remaining of the week, we worked on choosing the various components we will need on our different systems. That means reading datasheets to find the various data we need to properly design our system. The sensitive part of it was designing the analogical amplification chain to be able to detect the very small signal variation of the magnetic field necessary to compute precisely the position and orientation of our system, even at a 5m distance from the emitter. With Virgile, we evaluated the amplification we needed, depending on the range of distance and the precision needed, thanks to an Octave program. The value we got were useful to fix the gain and the ADC we needed.

But that was before we found the magical component : the audio codec, which comprises all the elements we needed to amplify and measure our signal in a single chip. Therefore, during the last days I have worked to see how it worked and how to use it to check if there aren’t any flaw that would make useless for our application.

Thus we also had to redefine our hardware architecture to include this chip in it. I will also have to change some stuff in the software architecture to make it match with the hardware, but there shouldn’t be much changes, so that is alright !

See you soon !

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