RoseOnRails – Oh My Doc!

Hi everyone,

In the past few days I have tried coding something to control a LEDs strip….. by coding, I mean reading one million pages of doc for one line of code written.

For instance, in order to configure the SPI baud rate, I had to read a ludicrous amount of pages in the doc … only to find out that the default baud rate was the one I needed and had nothing to change in my code.

According to my calculation, I indeed needed a 20MHz frequence and the SPI on my development board was already configured at 21MHz … By the way, according to the precision required for the LEDs timing in the ws2812b doc, this 1MHz difference between the frequency we needed and the frequency we obtained shouldn’t have any negative impact on the functionning of our LEDs strips.

My SPI and DMA are now well configured and I hope to be able to light the LEDs really soon now even if that means reading one million more doc pages 🙂


Noémie Bristol-Courgeon

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