These last days I have worked with my team to choose the component and do the PCB. We need to finish the PCBs by friday, so we are in a hurry to finish them.

When I was looking at the audio codecs to see if we could use one to get a neat sinusoidal signal in the emitter coils, I found a codec with a big entry amplification which could be used to sample the signal in the receiver coils. My teammates found this codec nice too, so for the project we will use three of them (one per receiver coil) instead of making an home solution with PGAs and ADCs.

I have also spent time:

  • choosing a led driver : we will have a lot of RGB leds on the emitter.
  • choosing some of the pins on the STM32 to link to the codecs.
  • reading datasheets to see how we can adapt the receiver coils signal to the codec inputs (We need it to be centered around 0.9v instead of 0v)

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