RoseOnRails – ble and client/server

Hello all!

Today, I mainly worked on BLE. I started by “discovering” BlueLib, how it was done, and how it could be used. I looked at the example program get_ble_tree (that prints the tree of services, characteristics and descriptors of a BLE connection in a file), to better understand how the code to use BlueLib should be structured. I also tried to add some functionalities to better understand the code (like the possibility to specifiy the hciX local adapter and the macaddress by user, etc.)

Then I tested ge_ble_tree with the nrf example application (the famous LEDButtonSerivce). It worked perfectly well. In fact, once you know how to use it well, BlueLib is actually very handy, and far more useful to my mind, than gatttool, for instance (thanks @Paluche 🙂 !)

Then, I started to program a client/server application for the communcation between the user and the central station. Later on, the client will be the Android user. But for now, I did a simple version where the client is simply an application that opens a TCP socket towards the server. The latter then receives the commands from the client through this TCP socket. Once this was done, I started to use BlueLib to make the server establish BLE connection, disconnection, to print the ble-tree in a file, and to let the user write/read/notify/indicate values to/from characteristics. For this, I wrote a treat-command function that parses the command entered by the client to find out if it’s a connect/disconnect/write etc., and take into account the variables (mac address, local ble adapter, value to write, etc.) For now, it’s not fully finished, but I will very probably finish it tomorrow so that we can start to implement our custom service(s) on the nrf…

See you soon!


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