RoseOnRails – PCB night!

Hi all,

Yesterday night I worked on the PCB for the LEDs.
Alexis had told us that regarding PCB conception, placing the components should take 90% of the time while routing should only take 10%… After several trials, I figured out that the more time I took on placing the components, the easier the routing was. So much so that after several hours, I finally had an easy-to-route PCB … and went to bed.

Alexis had the time to look at my work in the night, and it appears that I had quite a few problems regarding the balun and antenna placement and routing. I reviewed all the product specifications this morning and discovered that I had to completely modify the placement of half my components. After two hours I finally managed to place and route my components in a simingly appropriate way. I merely hope that no new issue will arise this morning, and wish to be able to send the plans this afternoon.

Electronically yours,


Noémie Bristol-Courgeon

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