RoseOnRails – Dis ease PCB

Hi everyone!

This week, I worked on the LED_PCB with Noémie. If we’ve any advice to share it would be these : when you’re placing your components I think you could first fix a ground plane, then position your components big components as your microchips, then put your decoupling capacitors the nearest possible from the GND and VCC pins they’re paired with. You should have at least one decoupling capacitors per pairs of pin GND and VCC. Then place your quartzs also the nearest possible from his pins on the microchip and surrounding by his decoupling capacitors. Concerning the JTAG you should turn the pin you’re going to connect on to the outside of your PCB. The voltage regulator could be a bit distant from your chip and surrounded by his decoupling capacitos. Concerning the nRF51822 you should read carefully the datasheet and Nordic website in order to follow their example to place correctly the balun and the antenna. Especially for the antenna which needs to be isolated and routed specifically.

I also come back on my work on the BLE. For the moment, I’ll focuse on the communication with the LED_PCB. First, I’ll establish the UART communication between the STMF103RE and the nRF51822.

Yesterday afternoon with Noémie, we’ve prepared the worksite to rebuild our rails with LEDs under it on Sunday. Pictures will come in Noémie’s next post. I guess everybody of the group will be working on it because we all seems to enjoy welding and building !

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