Day 35: putting everything together

Hello everybody!

Since my last post, I did a lot of different things.

First, on Android:

– I completed the Drop Scanner app, with four activities dedicated to scanning for BLE devices, displaying services and characteristics, reading, writing on characteristics and asking for notifications. It is already sufficient for reading and writing messages! But the UI is not very user-friendly.

– I added three extra activities on the app to provide a nicer UI for the mailbox. It does not work yet (the notification request on Content is sent, the write request on ID is sent… and the write ACK never comes back) and I don’t understand why, because the message arrives with no problem when I perform these steps by hand with the GATT UI. Maybe there are some timing issues. But I stopped working on it, because we are going to change our protocol for reading messages very soon anyway.

– I discovered the Android version easter egg, thanks to Sam.

– I spent some time with Adele and with Matthieu to help them setting up their environment for Android+Scala+Scaloid. I also did a quick crash course on Scala for Adele, who wasn’t familiar at all with functional programming.

– I know that there are still a lot of issues with this app: bad GATT connection management (at which abstraction level do I have to manage it? how long should it be?), awful design… But right now it is functional enough for us to test any interaction we want with the nRF51822, so I stopped working on it and wait for the others to get familiar with Scaloid.

And for the nRF51822 part:

– I began truly reading the code Matthieu and Adèle have been working on for the nRF51822. With the help of git grep, I understood its architecture, the meaning of the most useful structures, and now I have a good idea of where I should change the code to add features.

– Considering that there was too much copy-paste in the code (which started as a customization of the led button demo), I worked on refactoring it. Tonight, there are no more duplicate lines in the services and characteristics initialization process.

– Now I start working on a new BLE architecture, with only one characteristic for reading and writing messages.

See you soon!

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