LEDzep – Board and BLE

Today I took a little rest and only worked the afternoon.

As Thomas routed the new PCB version (a ‘little’ updated by Alexis) I checked the pinout while I created the project board.h. It was longer and more boring than I expected, but we should be able to use this one as soon as we receive out boards. I also tried to configure the peripherals of our future board, but after an hour of doing so I realized that it was rather useless as I wouldn’t be able to use it and would probably have to rewrite it completely…

So I started to work with Benjamin on the BLE, he welcomed my arrival rather warmly as he was working alone on it for a week. After creating a clean repository, he introduced me to sole of the BLE subtleties and we managed to tackle a bug that troubled him this afternoon.

We also established a roadmap of features we will need for our different projects which will help us to work smarter and together 😀

Next step : Trying to implement data streaming from the BLE chip (if it’s possible in connected mode), implement communication between the nrf51 and the stm an then call functions remotely on the stm.


Félix Raimundo


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