LEDzep – Progress on Android


I have made some progress on BLE and Android. At first, I tried to exchange simple values like  the battery level between the LEDzep’s Android app and the nRF81822. It helped me to understand how the Android API works with BLE.

Then, I decided that we should establish all the services we are going to need to exchange data between the balloons and the operator.
After some thinking, I came up with this first draft:

  • Battery Service : to exchange the battery level
  • Generic Access : to exchange balloon’s name and some other useful information
  • Link Loss : to be alerted if we lose radio link with a balloon
  • Immediate Alert : to be alerted if a balloon collides with something
  • Tx Power Level : to exchange data about the Tx power level

Those services are the standard services defined by the Bluetooth SIG (see We also have to add some services because they are not standard:

  • Command service: to exchange command data for motors and servomotor
  • Altitude service: to exchange data provided by the altimeter
  • Compass service: to exchange data provided by the compass

As I said, this is an early draft and it is very likely that we have to change it a bit.
Thanks to Alexis’s mail, I was able to set up a BLE sniffer. It’s going to be really useful for the upcoming work on Android and nRF51822.

More to come soon!

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