Plume – Still on Ble

Hi everyone,

As Marco and Guénolé worked on the PCB, I did some work on my nRF51822. As I worked alone, I had some issues, to make real progress.

Today Alexis gave us a Sniffer for ble packets. I took some time to make it work, and it annoys me that the software is for windows but it’s a very helpful tool. It made me realize what really worked with my code and what did not.

Later I worked on streaming data with the Ble, as our devices will be in connected state constantly once it is initiated.
Then Felix joined me, I took some time to explain to him how ble worked. We decided to make a common git repos, mainly because we will encounter the same issues. We then had to tackle a few issues while setting up our new repository (Makefiles are evil). And we managed to take a first step towards streaming data.

See you soon for more amazing work.

Benjamin Groeneveld

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