LEDzep – LED ribbon & battery level check


Today the PCB was finished. We sent it to the production line and we look forward to receive it. I worked Today on two functionnality of our system. First, I completed the code that now allows us to control the ribbon color LEDs. We use a SPI output in order to use the cascading port transmission control. We send by regular intervals, into a single line all RGB codes for the LEDs and a “reset” signal activate ribbon with the colors set. I worked then on ADC input, in order to recover the voltage delivered by the battery, to monitor it continuously and to alert if there is any discharge. Thus, as soon as it crossed a certain threshold we can land the Zeplin and prevent any underload problem with our Lipo battery. We are moving in order to be ready when the PCB will arrive. We want to have the most pieces of codes allowing us to control the devices.

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  • I just found this LED strip project, you might like it:

  • Félix Raimundo

    Thanks for the link, but we managed to make it work a few minutes after Daniel’s post 🙂
    Actually it was a hardware bug, the datasheet of the ws2812b (adafruit’s neopixel) specifies that the data signal shouldn’t be more than 0.5V lower than the power voltage, and as we are extremely smart person we didn’t notice it until a few hours later and realized that we were 2V uder the supply voltage (and after sending our pcb in production, otherwise there wouldn’t be any fun -_-).
    We later “borrowed” Alexis’s code in order to have hsv transitions instead of rgbs, which is much nicer 😀

    Hopefully once we receive the PCB we will be able to show some videos of what it actually looks like on a flying balloon.