LEDzep – Pictures !!!!

Be careful, this post will be full of pictures !

First of all, we send our PCB schematics to PCB Pool yesterday afternoon and we received the first pictures of it yesterday night 😀

ledzepBIE533ae6c20a6d0_02_seite2 BIE533ae6c20a6d0_02_seite1 Dzep2 Dzep1


It’s being made much faster than we even hoped, and that’s awesome !

I also worked a while ago on the barometer in order to get the altitude of the balloons and the results were rather encouraging. Following Sam’s advice I let it run for a night (between 4am and 11am) and here are the results.


As you can there is a little issue about the stability of these measures, hopefully after seeing this graph I did a new measurement and the altitude stayed the same, which means that this bias is due to the pressure and not a problem with the sensor. Using a second barometer kept on the floor will allow us to fix this issue, as both will have the same bias (as it’s due to the pressure and not the sensor), and the difference between the two altitude will give us the real altitude of the balloons. We will connect it to a computer and advertise its measure with a BLE dongle and each balloon will be able to easily determine its altitude.
Furthermore it would allow a fun way to control the altitude if the balloons by simply moving the reference barometer (the one on the floor), lifting this one would have all the balloons fly higher 😀

Félix Raimundo


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