Drops N’ Roses : State of progress

Hello World !

This week, I was concerned about Drops N’ Roses’ future. We have indeed RAM problem… even with the use of external memory. That is because nRF51822 RAM is only 16kB, and the BLE stack use an important part of it. Moreover, I need a buffer for exchanging data with the external memory, and Lau also use another buffer for the BLE.
So, we had to remove one of them, and to clean whatever we can to have more free space ! We don’t want stack overflow… or other memory disaster.

We also did a focus group, talking about how we will organize our FLASH memory.
I was wondering how we would be able to keep some important data such as the drop id, etc… because, our drops will sleep the major part of the time. Iwas wondering how we would do without RAM retention to keep those data, or access them thanks to the SPI and the external memory without consumming all our batery very fast. But then, I remember we could use the NRF51822 flash for some important information.

We tought also about scenario for our diverse application Android. Here, you can see what the trasure hunting app would look like.

I also spend some time helping Lau or Sam debugging our Android application.

But I am not very proud of myself… I am not really efficient !
I will rest, and come back with more ideas, and things done (I hope)… because there are not so much time left !

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