Plume – Soft of the receiver


As already explains MarcO we finished to work on the PCB of the receiver. Now, we have to continue on the soft of the receiver. So, I’m currently working on the board.h of the card and all the configuration that need ChibiOS to work with our board. This is not a very funny thing, but, I have to do it.

Moreover, we received an evaluation board for the Audio Codec. It will help us to communicate and create a program to configure the mini-DSP of the chip.

So, there are our next step on the receiver :

  • Configure the STM32
  • Configure the Audio Codec and the mini-DSP
  • Configure the nRF and communicate with the STM
  • Receive and analyze the tension from the receiver coil.

To be continued…

Guénolé Lallement


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