Drops N’ Roses : huge discussion

Hey !

This morning, I spend some time to search for examples of nRF51822 system off and wake up program. I realized that no wake-up was possible with any timer from this deep sleep power off mode. All examples for this deep-power-off mode, which allows to save a lot of energy, includes a push-button. So, it means an external (human) intervention, where we want a periodical timmer controlled sleep and wake-up for advertising. The only solution left is the sleep of the CPU in system on mode, and return to the “functional” mode thanks to RTC or GPIO. But it consumes much more battery.So… we would have to be particularly precautionous concerning the use of our device if we want to save some battery. I am a bit anxious, because our device had to be use almost one year with a little button cell.

I have also other concerns… With Matthieu and Lau, we did argue a lot today. because we had not the same outlooks and prospects for our project. So, we spend some time to discuss many subjects this morning and afternoon, such as the products we would “sell”, if we need to have every exchange in char so it would be readable for humans, etc… And we are not done yet.
But we will agree. We are responsible persons.

Keep following ! On Monday, you would be able to access a new presentation concerning our state of progress, and all the matters we are discussing !

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