LEDzep – Some work on the BLE

This weekend and the beginning of this week I worked with Benjamin on the nRF51 chip, we mostly worked on having a working UART while still being able to use the BLE (which wasn’t a piece of cake as we cannot do multithreading with Nordic’s software). So we had to use interrupts, we were later really pissed of as we realized we had a working code which didn’t throw any errors even though we didn’t observe any communication with minicom, until Benjamin realized that we forgot to put a pull down resistor on the CTS pin …

Today I did some research on the BLE when I discovered (rather lately to my taste), Nordic’s application notes which were much more clearer than the source code. I managed to understand how to do simple advertising so that I could deal with the altitude issue (with one altimeter advertising its altitude).

And as you have been very nice here is a picture of Benjamin’s and I working station (as you can see we are ready to kick some asses) :


I then debugged the LED strip code and it is now functional with SPI (damn you hardware bug).

Félix Raimundo


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