RoseOnRails – Almost done with the LEDs

Hi everyone !

Short sum up of my tiring week.

On Monday morning, I finished the drill in our rails. Then, I start soldering for real until 00am. I continue on Thursday from 9am until 10pm.

On Wenesday and Thursday, I came back to the software part. I’ve made the UART worked on STM32F103RE and nRF51822. But without using the softdevice it seems that according to Benjamin and Felix posts there are some difficulties to make it works on nRF51822. I also look through the BlueLib in order to understand how it works and I’ve tried to update my knowledge with Valeh work on it.

Since Thursday night, we’ve seen that we’ve a lot problems some were coming from our soldering but others were due to the LEDs caracteristics which differed a bit. We’ve make a simple circuit with a transistor and a pull up resistance in order to raise the voltage of our data in the LEDs strips. We’ve know all our LEDs strip which are working properly. But, we’ve still to connect some of them and to add the alimentation.

From now we’re going to prepare monday’s presentation.

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