Plume – Design


Today, I was working on the packaging of the receptor and the emitter.  I think that design and the aspect of our project is very important, so I made some rendering.

Tell me what you think. 🙂

Emetteur_1 Recepteur_3

Guénolé Lallement


6 comments to Plume – Design

  • Beautiful.

    Is it really hard to build concentric coils?
    Isn’t it worth the precision?

    • Guénolé

      Thanks you.
      For the coils, this is just a quick view. We will be able to try our system with this kind of coils but also with concentric coils.
      We are waiting for our PCB to give you some piece of news.


  • Which software did you use to design the casing ?

    How will you produce it, 3D printing ?

    • Guénolé

      I used Solidworks to make it. Indeed, we will use 3D printing to produce it. This is the easy way to make a prototype. To do that I also use Makerware, because we’ve got a Makerbot Replicator 2.


      • Is there any specific reason why you went with Solidworks and not an open source tool such as blender ?

        • Guénolé

          Hi, Blender is maybe an open source tool but it was created to be use as a tool to create animated films, visual effects, art… Whereas Solidworks is a fully-integrated 3D mechanical CAD program. So with Solidworks I can do some renders, but I can also add constraints, simulations on my model.
          However, I hope one day a such powerfull tool (like Catia or AutoCAD) would be open source.
          Note: With Blender you can also make 3D printing, but it’s not very efficient.