Drops N’ Roses : discussion 2.0


This week-end, we had to prepare a presentation to expose our state of progress, the difficulties we had, have or will have, and what are left to do. As you follow us since the very beginning, you already know what we have done. But there are only three weeks more to finish our product, and implements our “box service”, our three applications which are some examples of what developpers could do using our API and our material drop, an efficient way to manage the external memory by creating a kind of home-made memory file system, checking and optimizing the battery level, and dealing with authentification to allow different kind of access (admin, normal user, …) to our drop and boxes. Moreover, we will have to think of a smart way to synchronize the data between a drop and a smartphone, or between two smartphones. We don’t know if we will use the WaDeD algorithm because we have saving energy problem, and the less calculation the drop will do, the better ! But we don’t really have other ideas.
We also have to think about how we will sell our products, and how much. We evaluate the production price of the complete drop at 6€ each for 10000 drops.

But finally, the presentation will be on Friday. So you will have to wait a little more to access to our proposition of marketing, etc !

So, today… with Matthieu and Lau, we continue discussing facts we disagree on. It was really weary. It has been four days we discuss, and argue about how we will do every little thing. We list all functions we are going to implement, think over the way to authenticate a special user (admin) or allow a person without any special access rigths to drop off a message certified by the administrater, and so on. We are almost done, and after this vital step, we will have all elements ready to code. Or so we hope.

PS : we will explain you all our ideas very soon with schemas.

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