LEDzep – MPU & Production costs


Lately I worked on two aspect of the project. First I tried to recover datas from an IMU device throught and I2c connection in order to filter then accelerations, angular accelerationand and compass angles of our zeppelin. Indeed, We want to use the acceleration datas in order to detect collision. Angular acceleration will help us projecting the compass angles. And we will be able then to accès to the absolute angle of our balloon. Thus said, I have not able to properly configure the right MPU registers. And I realized that I had forgotten a key element present in my model that I must also configure: our mpu-9150 is already aquiped with a Digital Motion processor hardware accelerator engine. It’s a good point, this means that we will not have to filtre 🙂
We decided today to resume a tutorial proposed on the InvenSense forum. It seems to configure well the DMP processor.

Secondly we also worked on Scénarios and on budget. We tried to find as accurately as possible the unit cost of our balloons. We based it on a 10,000 units order. We evaluate the cost of each componnents, of the plastic for the structure and of the delivery. The total amount is 34,93 euros and it is not including the cost of helium (if we rely on Air Liquid fares, we will need 3,6 euros per balloons of 0.17 m3).LEDZEP - coût de revient

We decided then to possibly offer two commercial proposals: First we will sell the balloon by 10 for little firms that want to acquire for cheaper something to make their own show. Secondly we wan’t to sell a real kinetic art show for bigger firms that want it for a bigger and punctual event.


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