Plume – Pcb and stuffsss.

Good evening !

We got our first PCB today, it’s awesome !!

This weekend, team and I worked on our Monday’s presentation.

I’m still working on BLE, and my nrf51822 is finally bending to my will and my efforts weren’t in vain. It won’t be long before this part of the software will be done. Over the weekend I’ve looked through a library I found for implementing our central. Weirdly its mainly written in Javascript, but it seems quite complete.

The name is Noble and it is used with Nodejs. (There is an equivalent for a peripheral see Bleno) I’ve looked through javascript quite a bit and it is not so hard to use it, and I’ll use coffeescript for more readability.

Today, we decided to use sockets to exchange data as we desire some degree of modularity in our soft.

See you !


Benjamin Groeneveld

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