RoseOnRails – BLE software

Hi all.

The last 2 days, we have been mainly busy preparing today’s presentation which finally was postponed to Friday! But it was a good occasion for us to discuss about the following steps to make. This morning we discussed with our teachers Alexis & Sam about the diffculties we have encountered but above all about how we should start to code: the best idea is, according to them both, to go step by step. Our goal for now is, therefore, to be able to command the trains as soon as we receive the PCBs (even if the Android app is npt conceived yet, as long as we can do it through a Web application or even throuhg a shell, it’ll be fine for now!)

We also took the time to clearly define what we need to do from now on from the software point of view. These are mainly: one BLE app to flash on the nrf board of the locomotive, one for the LED controller and one for the railroad switches. Then there is the central station which is almost over by now. I am now in charge of working on the BLE application for the locomotive. I started to write a small program this afterfnoon. I begun by writing a program based on the LEDButtonService app, by changing some paramters, for instance trying to use PWM to light on an LED in one of the characteristic handlers. Talking of PWM, actually I encountered some problems to make it work, I had double-defined functions and variables.. I will look at it again tomorrow, tonight I didn’t manage to understand why it was so ..? I will also dive in more deeply in the code, since there are still some concepts that I don’t fully understand (bondig vs pairing, assert handlers, modules (as in the GPIOTE handler module)…)

See you!


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