Drops N’ Roses : starting up again

Hey !

I will be short. This morning, with my coworkers, we (nearly) finished the endless discussion we had concerning our DROPFS, and our memory structure. Matthieu and me were delighted to think we would be able to code again ! So we shared out the work to do, and went on !
At first, Lau and me tried to analyze our RAM space left, because we had some problems with that a week ago. It reminds us objdump manipulations. But at the end, Matthieu told us that we had no more RAM problem because he tried to declare a huge buffer, and the compiler neither the ldscript said nothing.
It was a relief.

Then, I buried myself in our future FLASH memory (AT45DB321E) documentation. The documentation is really well-written. I take some notes in order to avoid to read it all again. There were some problems we had not think about such as the fact that one program/erase operation over 50 000 for the same sector, all page should be written. Elsewise, the sector became damaged.
Another problem was that because we do not store messages of the same box close to each other, we can’t use block erase function of the flash, etc. So, we have some modifications to make. Then, with Lau, we showed our idea to Sam.
Matthieu was not there this afternoon, so I will wait until tomorrow to discuss with him and Lau. Everyone in our group will approve our “DROPFS” before I will explain you how it really works. Sorry to postpone everything…

Good night !

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