PLUME – Getting started on the software part

Hi everyone !

As I said last time, we have finished designing our PCBs, so from now on we will spend all our time on the software !

This last week-end, we all worked on the presentation that should have occurred on Monday,  so we haven’t had much time to start fully working on the software, but now that it is finished, we need to coordinate ourselves to work efficiently on each part of the project.

Yesterday, with Benjamin and Olivier, we argued on the structure of the computing part of the system. We finally decided that we will use a Node.js block to communicate using Bluetooth low energy, and a C++ block for the computation of the position, the two blocks will exchange data using sockets (probably with the 0mq library).

I also have started thinking about the way the receiver software should be structured, to be correctly synchronized with the emitter and to keep information on the phase of the signal and find every information we need to calculate a good position. Unfortunately, it brought me doubts about the method we chose to eliminate the symmetry problems. I will need to verify that…

See you next time !

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