RoseOnRails – BLE, pwm, uart and ledstrip


Today, I continued on the BLE application I had started to write for the locomotive’s board. I can now, through the central station, connect to a train, write a value for the speed characteristic and have an LED lighted on in PWM mode with the duty-cycle being the value (0-255) that I had wrtiten in the characteristic. On the other hand, when a button is pressed on the board, my Python client is notified of it. On problem that I have however is that the time needed to write into a characteristic or to send a notification, through BlueLib is much more considerbale than with gatttool. I have tested my program in both ways (by connecting via gatttool and writing in a characteristc; and then by connecting via my central station server and using BlueLib). The delay is unfortunately a big problem right now and I still don’t see how to deal with it :\

This afternoon, Yann, Noémie, and I worked on the uart-based communication between the nrf51822 and the stm32f103cb. We started by flashing two example codes that almost already do what we want (sending characters through the nrf to the stm32 via UART). By writing some values in the tx characterisitc through gatttool, we managed to receive the characters in the rx buffer on the stm32 side 🙂 Then we started to write our own application, based on the example. So we took the ledstrip SPI controller code we had written, and we “dispatched” the two parts (the one filling in the buffer to send through SPI and the one effectively sending it through SPI) in the two codes (the one on the nrf, sending the buffer through uart and the one on the stm32, receiving the buffer through uart and transmitting it through SPI). Well, unfortunately, it didn’t work at the first shot… we will continue this tomorrow, that way we can light on the LEDs through BLE 🙂

See you.


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