RoseOnRails – Work leads to some encouraging results

Hi everyone!

Short sum up of my work since Friday night when we divide the work for Monday’s presentation which was finally postponed.

On Saturday, I tried to send gatttool command on my nrf51822 and look through BlueLib example in order to adapt it for my test for the Nordic UART Service. I’ve also spent a lot of time in order to estimate the cost of our products. I compared the price of our components for differents amount of quantity on Farnell and other websites (arrow, future-electronic, avnet-mermec). Then, I looked for similar product than ours on the internet. In order to price our product and to see if our products were some breakthrough on the model railroading market. It was kind of difficult because there are many products with many specifications which make each of them unical.

On Sunday, we meet from 12am till 10pm in order to discusse or Monday presentation and finalize our work. In order to find some arguments to justify our pricing I’ve found in a book this useful summary of the pricing :

“New product pricing difficult and can be made according to policies : shimming pricing and penetration pricing. Five factors are important to look at in setting a price :

– potential and probable demand
– costs of production and selling costs
– markets targets
– promotional strategy
– suitable channels of distribution
But the final decision cannot be arrived at by any given formula : good estimates make pricing more successful combining factors requires judgment.”
Personnally, after some thorough research taking into account these factors, I had applied the rules of 3 Sam talked us about on Monday.
On Monday, I get back to my BLE-UART work I tried to explain my work and my tests to Noémie but I was probably unclear.
On Thursday, I’ve split in several files the main file of the uart service on our nrf51822. Then, I worked with Valeh and Noémie (see Valeh’s post).
(Not finished yet)

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