LEDzep – More nRF51 and Android!

Hi everyone,

Since last time, I continued to work on Android. I am now able to exchange any kind of characteristic using read, write or notify operations (we won’t need indicate) between the nRF and Android. The Android app is still very basic, it is able to connect to a selected BLE device and it contains some buttons and text fields to let the user exchange data with the nRF.

I then began working on the nRF chip. It took me some time to get started as the code is quite complicated. I was able to create the localization service and to add the compass and altimeter characteristics. I am now working on transmitting the data coming from the UART to Android through BLE.

We also received our PCB today! Thomas also did a great work on the balloon’s structure. Hopefully, we’ll have some remote controlled flying balloons by next week.

Stay tuned!


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