Drops N’ Roses : memory, oral examination and synchronization protocol

Hey !

Yersterday, I programmed some basic functions in order to write, erase, and read message in our flash. I could not test it because we don’t have our PCB ready, but it compiles.

This morning, we had an oral examination. It presents our project, three possible use cases, how (and how much) we want to sell our product (if we were to launch a kickstarter campaign very soon), and our state of progress. It was a little frightening because our teachers said that the less convincing group would disappear and join an other group. But at the end, they said to us our four projects were convincing, so they decided to keep them all.

After that, I reflected on a synchronization protocol : when a drop and a smartphone meet, in some applications, we want them to synchronize their data (more precisely, some boxes we want to be spreadable), so that when walking away from one another these boxes would be the same. I think I found a solution that might help us a lot. More information tomorrow !

To conclude… today, we received a surprise : our first PCB ! At first, we had the same problem as some other students : our cell coin was not connected correctly to our PCB. But then, Alexis fixed it. We checked with JLink that the device was identified. I can’t wait to test my memory functions ! But… it is quite late : tomorrow !

DSC_0569         DSC_0564

PS : if you want to know what is the meaning of the odd inscription between “Lithium Battery” and “3V” on the cell coin, it is the Japanese translation of “Lithium battery”.

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