Hi again !

Friday was supposed to be a great day, we were supposed to finally receive the last components needed to solder our PCBs.
Unfortunately, UPS didn’t plane it that way, and due to an “exception” we will not receive these last components untill Monday …

So as I was a bit pissed of, I didn’t feel like coding and thus started soldering the LEDs for our balloons (you saw only one ribbon), I took me quite a while (about 10 hours) but had the merit to change my mind as it allowed me to listen to some good music 🙂

I was rather happy when I tested the ribbons and realized that I only had 3 bad solders on about 2000, and 7 out of the 9 worked perfectly on the first attempt. I have to admit it made me rather proud.

Here are some picture of the assembling of the ribbons :

IMG_20140411_203257 IMG_20140411_203303


IMG_20140411_224042 IMG_20140411_224156

Some kind of time lapse, of a ribbon assembly :

IMG_20140411_224343 IMG_20140411_224600 IMG_20140411_225024  IMG_20140411_225210 IMG_20140411_225407

And the final result :



While soldering I also had a hangout with drix who explained me how to properly power the TWI (and by the way making me realized that I should have started by looking at the schematics instead of trying all the wiring combinations that came to my mind ^^), I’ll be working on it this afternoon hopefully it will work this time ^^


Félix Raimundo


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