Drops N’ Roses : Stressful day 1000

Hey !

As Matthieu and Lau said, yersterday was a stressful day. I spend the day trying to make our PCB send something in BLE… to prove that our antenna and balun were functional. I checked everything : the fact our components were well-welded, the fact we had only the high frequency quartz, the fact that the softdevice 6.0.0 was not working on our chip (we have a N51822QFAAC0). With Alexis and Sam, I even check with an oscilloscope the behaviour of an eval kit with a N51822QFAA which was functional, to compare it with our drop, which was not functional… And it was quite weird, because the behaviour was quite the same for each pin. I also checked our PCB plan, because I was thinking that I made a mistake.
At least, we noticed that the quartz on the eval kit was 16 MHz and not 32Mhz as we thought. Matthieu, who was reading all bugs for SDK4 that we had to use (we have a N51822QFAAC0) told us that one bug was that the microcontroller could not work with 32MHz…
So Alexis welded a 16Mhz quartz instead, and it works ! We were really eased.

This morning, I spend some time correcting some part of my code for programing the memory, or refactoring it. I also wanted to add the hardware protection by controlling the WP pin. I thought I programmed it correctly, but I made some tests, and it does not work… I still don’t know why, because I really do it as the documentation recommends it.It is quite mysterious… so maybe we’ll have no hardware protection on our external flash.

Then, I read all our Scaloid code… again and again, to understand it. It is quite complicate to understand for me, because I am not used with Java anymore, and I have never programmed anything in Scala nor Android.
I began to make some minor changes. I need some information from Matthieu to continue, because it concerns BLE characteristics to exchange data, and we have to agree about what I have to send him.

As he sends me an email when I was writing this post, I think I can go back to work !

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