LEDzep – Architecture


I’m thinking about the architecture of our program. It must first define how the user will program the different choreographies through the android app. Here is a first glimpse into what this application could look like.
We would find three tabs:
1) The first one allows the user to choose an mp3. An algorithm will then recognize the tempo.
2) The second one allows the user to choose the order in which the various movements proposed will be executed.
3) The third one allows to choose light transition movement.

When the user have set everything, he clicks on the load button and the app will send successively to all the balloon connected the different triplets composed of the time before the next beat, the movement to perform and the light transition that matches it.
LEDzep - App architecture
At the reception, the NRF will handle the BLE layer and transmit through his uart connection the different triplets to the STM that will store it in his FIFO. Once the connection is completed. All balloons wait to capture a clap with their integrated microphone. Soon as they receive it, they initialize their timer and read the FIFO. After the clap, the app start playing music and all balloons are synchronize.


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