LEDzep – Here comes the PCB

Yesterday, I finally had a PCB to work on !

After spending a few days acting like a kid before Christmas awaiting his presents (here LEDzep’s PCB), Santa (here Alexis) brag ma my present 😀

Isn’t it a nice board ?


I had a few troubles making it work at first, as I used the wrong linker script at the begining and forgot that it had a 16MHz clock instead of an 8MHz one.
Nevertheless after Alexis and Sam explained me which PLL values to change (and thus saving me quite a while of datasheet reading) I manage to make the board work !

I had time to have a LED blink and use the LED strip on the balloon and it was rather encouraging !

Later I worked on driving the servos and the motors, I realized that we most likely would have to patch my gift, as the servo connector didn’t have the proper wiring nor the good voltage (they are plugged on the LiPo battery which gives between 3.3 and 4.2V whereas the servo datasheet asks for at least 3.6V so we will have to see if they respond at a lower voltage :/). I was stuck a little bit on them so I didn’t manage to have them move properly (our previous code wasn’t working as expected), but I am confident that by tomorrow afternoon we will be able to drive both the servos and the motors !

Our only lasting foe will be the controll system, but I’m rather optimistic !

See you soon 😉

Félix Raimundo


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