RoseOnRails – WIP – Locomotion

Hi everyone,

This morning, Yann Valeh and continued working on the intelligence.

This afternoon, we had the occasion to talk about how we were going to model the circuit, the train position and how trains would be able to book a part of the circuit. As Sam has worked at least three times on this circuit in the past, we benefited from his experience on the subject a lot. Whereas we had designed the circuit in a too complex way,Sam proposed to us a simpler, more adaptable and more general model.

Later in the day, I helped Alexis solder components on two of the Locomotives PCBs. It took quite some time but was really rewarding in the end!

In the evening, I installed a PCB in one of the locomotives. After some time testing it, we managed to have the locomotive work… However, it does only work in one direction right now… 20140417_002544

Good night,
Electronically Yours,



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