PLUME – Emiters & Serial Audio Interface

Hi everybody,

Today I worked on the Serial Audio Interface that we will use to communicate with the Audio Codec. We have to use it as an I2S Bus. However, it is not very simple because the documentation on the Internet about it is very poor. So I made my own configuration, I’m ready to use it. Moreover, this option (SAI) is only available on the STM32f2xx. I’m currently waiting to receive our receiver board to check my code and my configuration.

Moreover, I worked on the emitters and specifically on the emitters coils. We have to made them by ourself, and it’s not a very funny work. I just finished now and we have 3 perfect emitters coils of 700 uH each. 😛 We will use it tomorrow.

I have some pictures for you… 🙂

1001962_508959002544059_856462076003843439_n 1609824_508958922544067_3826350395491944239_n10288805_508958965877396_4772993911968432041_n 10156102_508958945877398_288473813105626500_n

Guénolé Lallement


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