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Hello world!

Yesterday, in the morning, we started to do the interfacing between the intelligence module and the commuication module I was in charge of. I changed some things in the architecture (described in the scheme in my prevoious post). I will do another diagram to summarize the new architecture, but I wait a bit so that we can make a little test with the intelligence module first.

Talking of the intelligence module… we discussed about it with Sam on Wednesday and he gave us some very precious advice. Instead of dealing with “position”s, we now rather deal with “section”s of the circuit that the player reserves when he wants to go from one point to another. See Noémie’s post for more info.

On Wednesday, we also soldered our first PCB loco. Noémie and I helped Alexis by giving him the right components. Then Noémie continued and I went back to code in a406 since one person seemed to be enough for this task. I therefore continued what Yann had started namely the adaptation of our programs to the new version of SDK we’re using (4.4.2 instead of 5.1.0). It was mainly a matter of files/folders/paths to change and deal with uncompiling programs for a while… When Noémie came back, we first placed the PCB on the loco and flashed our simple application to command the H-bridge in PWM on it. Well it didn’t work immediately since we had forgotten to comment the use_softdevice line!!

The day after, I re-tested the app without softdevice and the wheels turned (with PWM command) 🙂 Then I flashed another app doing BLE advertising. While discussing with Adèle, she told me they had the same “problem” and that it was necessary to generate an internal low frequencey (32kHz) clock (we already have an external 16MHz clock), which I simply added to the code and initialized the softdevice with. The loco then did advertise and by writing the value of the speed characteristic we could control the speed in PWM.

In the afternoon though, when we wanted to try and supply the loco with our 22V rails, some unfortunate measuring led to our nrf51822 being seriouly damaged 🙁 The other PCB also seems to have a “problem” with the balun. We of course have to test it.. which we’ll do today.

Yesterday night, Yann also soldered the remaining ledstrips and we re-tested them with the stm32f103 SPI.

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