Drops N’ Roses : Scaloid programming

Hey !

I am sorry, I have no amazing photographs or videos to show you. However, I have not been inactive.
Thanks to the work of my coworkers (and my own), we are now able to write/read/edit/delete messages in our flash thanks to our application DropScanner. For example, I modified some functions of DropScanner to match the format that we defined for our BLE message characteristic. I also continued working on Android for creating our Cairn application. I have to automatize the connection to Cairn drops, to get directly important messages, etc…
I am not used to Scaloid yet, even if it is better than a few days ago. But I would like to work on something different because I don’t feel comfortable with Scaloid programming. I am really slow because of design part, and because I am a bit lost : I don’t really know where I should write my functions (API, local activities, or in another file). I am wondering how I will be able to finish the project (and really go on) if I am so slow (because a huge part of the things left to do are linked with Scaloid programming.

That is why I also try to debug our drops with Matthieu and Lau, to clean our repository, etc…
I checked that our drop is robust, by letting it advertise all night long without any crash (that is quite reassuring).
I also reflected on how we will modify advertising fields to add our own data, and I think we will use the “field data”.

I also thought of how we will make the CPU and our memory sleep, but I have to wait until Tuesday to actually make some measurements (we will have some material to do so we don’t have yet).


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