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ledstrip4 ledstrip7

Well, as you can see, this weekend we spent a lot of time on our ledstrips (once again!). On Friday, Alexis helped us a whole lot by properly soldering connectors to our beloved PCB so that we can easily test our ledstrips by simply connecting and disconnecting the power supply and/or the ledstrip itself. After having prepared the correct boards, we could then test our three SPIs and make sure all worked fine. However, the UART still doesn’t seem to properly work (as a reminder, we use it for the communication between the STM32F103RE and the nRF51822). We hacen’t much ahd the time to see where the problemt might come from yet, due to all we had to do with the ledstrtps.. but we’re going to have a look at it today for sure.

Yesterday, we spent the whole day testing our 22x LED-ledstrips, re-soldering the broken wires, and replacing the defectuous LEDs… It took much longer than we thought and was way more tiring. Once we were (almost..) sure that all was ok, we decided to paste them below the rails, which we did in the afternoon. It’s not fully finished yet. Hopefully, today we’llfinish this and then kindly ask Alexis to help us with the PCB of the loco which seems to have a defectuous capacitor, as well as the PCB of the turnouts that we need to place on the circuit a soon as possible. Then we can test everythig with the little BLE apps we have already prepared, hoping that all’ll work fine 🙂

See you very soon !


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