RoseOnRails – Let’s continue

Hi everyone !

As announced in my previous yesterday. We stick our led strips under our rails. It took us lot of time because we made sure our soldering were strong. However, there were another which cost us some time too. I’ll upload a picture very soon, in order for you to understand. We’ve ordered only one kind of led strip however there were two kinds indeed I will call then Majuscule and Minuscule because on one it’s written this way “DIN” “DOUT” while on the other it’s written “Din” “Dout”. The problem is following when a Majuscule kind is followed by a Minuscule kind the first led of the minuscule kind isn’t shinning while the other after her are shinning the proper way (but this doesn’t happen all the time sometimes it works well). But, now our code and solder are clean and strong, just yesterday we identify four times this phenomenon (So that’s not a soldering problem). A few weeks ago , after some measurements with an oscilloscope, we understood the reason of this phenomenon is that the width of the slot signal isn’t the same at the output of a Majuscule kind and a minuscule kind, not a lot but enough to disturb. The unexplain things is that the microprocessor under the first led seems to be able to recognize the “large” width signal and convert it in the Minuscule kind of signal.

You’ve seen Valeh pictures of our work. We’re going to stick the last ledstrip today which is currently properly working and we’ll add a generator because we’re already above 3A and not all the led are shinning equally.


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