LEDzep – mpu and shell


These days I worked especially on our motion tracking device. We use the nine-axis MPU-9150 that can measure gyro, accelerometer and compass datas. The range we have chosen has a characteristic, it embeds a digital motion processor. By accessing to its registers, we can retrieve measures that have already been filtered and analyzed. I decided to use the motion driver SDK provided by Invensence, the manufacturer.

The code now, recover a FIFO on which the measures filtered by the DMP processor are set to the string. A callback is also called each time the DMP detect a collision and the function send back the direction from which came the collision and the number of these impacts. It will be very usefull because we will be capable after a collision to round and drove off in the opposite direction. We should now work on the i2c communication functions that must be defined for the Invensence platform.

We will soon need a quick data return for altitude and direction servo-control. We purposely left an uart output on our PCB. So i used it in order to implement a small shell in order to have first the mpu data returns.

We also finished the other evening the assembly of PCBs. They have been tested today and connections are all good 🙂

LEDzep - PCBs













Finaly I also Worked on the architecture of the futur android App. I made a first mock-up in order to think about what it might look like and to help to encode faster once we will have tested all the android features.

here is the link.

If you want to see what happens directly on your smartphone, you can download the app “Fluid Player” and flash the following code:

LEDzep - flash code



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