RoseOnRails – Rails are shinning

Hi everyone !

Yesterday, we’ve finished sticking our leds under our rails.

All our rails are now shinning !!!WP_000528
We’re going to add wires around our track in order to supply equally our leds.

Yesterday, Valeh and I have made some tests in order to change the color of our leds via BLE, however we’ve seen they may have a problem with our UART-TX pin (on the nrf51822 side). What we’ve note is that when we toggle another we’ve slot with an amplitude of 3.3V (as expected) but when we toggle the UART-TX one we’ve the same slot but with an amplitude of 0.5V..

We’ve also tried to find the component on our second locomotive PCB which was preventing the advertising. Unfortunately, we didn’t find it on our own and it was the nrf51822’s quartz which wasn’t well soldered.

After Alexis change this problem, we’ve made a very clean wiring on our locomotive PCB, in order to be able to test it on rails and with a generator without desoldering.



We’ve tested our PWM on our track but it seems that our motor isn’t strong enough on the rails. Because for a full duty cycle (however it wasn’t the same voltage) commanded via BLE the locomotive is running on the table but doesn’t run on the track. We’ve even put two rails on the table and this time the locomotive was running  (see Noémie’s video). We’re looking at the acceleration curve in order to solve this problem.

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