RoseOnRails – The locomotive runs !!!

Hi everyone !!

Excellent news today our PCB locomotive runs on the track. With Valeh this morning we’ve made some tests changing the duty cycle of our PWM, increasing it slowly but the motor didn’t wanted to turn. We’ve measured the voltage which was going in our motor the difference between the two outputs of our bridge. We’ve read the datasheet of our  H bridge. If they were peak of intensity, the output then would be disabled. But it wasn’t the only problem. We’ve seen weird thing, we asked PHH some help, same conclusion… Then Alexis looked at it more precisely and our H bridge was dead. He changed it and add a decoupling capacitor that we had forgotten. Indeed the one we had put wasn’t active in case of high intensity because there is a diode and the H bridge and the decoupling capacitor we had put.

Yesterday, after measuring the voltage when we were toggling the pin we were going to use for our the UART-TX of our nRF51822 (we measured only 0.5V of amplitude). We conclude the P-transistor could be dead and we asked Alexis to patch our PCB  by connecting an other pin (indeed two because nRF51822 are very small) on the track to the pin UART1-RX of our STM32F103RE.

Then we change the way our rails were powered because Alexis warned us not to use more than 15-18V. So we tried to put a safe connection trying to prevent short cut. As you’ve seen in Noémie’s post our train runs on the track. The record is 10 laps !! But even with our cautiousness this when our train derailled on a turnout he litterraly tooked fired.

Tonight, I soldered with Valeh our hall sensors on our locomotive. I hope we’ve made it strong and clean. Let’s see our mouse 🙂


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