LEDzep – Viderose

Hi all,

Friday we eventually managed to fix most of our issues, which allowed us to have a working prototype with a very rudimentary control system, even though it was a first draft it was rather cool 😀

Saturday I spent all day (and night) soldering with Alexis and Daniel, and was rather happy to discover that I was able to solder 0402 components (even there was a lot of free space around the components), we now have our 10 PCB soldered !

Later I tried to improve the barometer measurements, as they were not very good …

I also helped Daniel adapt the Invensense library for the mpu9150 for ChibiOS and STM32.

From now I will spend all my time on improving the altitude measurement and flight control until I consider they are good enough 😉

Félix Raimundo


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