Drops N’ Roses : more Scaloid

Hey !

I am still working on Cairn application. It is a huge work to do on Scaloid. I have an application able to scan and list the specific cairn devices (it is done by filtering some advertising data). This app also notifies its user when a new cairn device is found. Then, it gives the possibility for the user to connect to any device nearby.
The next step is to list automatically the ten most recent posts in the guestbook.

It is still hard to work on Scaloid (because I am not used to it). But I was much more concerned about the guide lines I will have to adopt. I have some problems implementing the different functions and activities because… I don’t really know what is for the best.
It is quite weird to be confronted to such problems. I really feel lost.

But it is in progress… step by step, I create my first app 🙂

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