RoseOnRails -WIP

Hi everyone !

Today, during the morning, I worked on detecting the magnet with the hall sensors we’ve soldered yesterday. I’ve also Th soldered in some wired on the turnout PCB in order to test it. Then I’ve tried the new patch for the UART connection between our nRF51822 and our STM32F103RE. During the TH of the afternoon we made a Trello, it took us way more time than expected. Then, I tried to identify the origin of the problem on our UART connection, unfortunately my minicom doesn’t print the right characters (I’ve checked all the parameters I put in our STM32 serial port and made it correspond to my minocom parameters..). I measured with the oscilloscop what was at the output of the new pin we use when I toggle it. I obtained the same signal (slot with amplitude 0.5V instead of 3.3V..) that we got with the previous pin we were using for our UART-TX. Maybe we’re going to soldered another LED PCB.

Tonight I’ve worked again on the hall sensor but with Valeh, but we’ve noted that the motor was interfering with the hall sensor when we put it under the motor. And when we put it at the extremity of our train it’s too high. Moreover the hall sensor must be right above the magnet in order to hope a detection from around 1cm of the magnet. We’ve reached a catch 22 situation and asked Gleison what he thinks about it. Because more than two people on this task wasn’t productive, I’ve exchanged of task with him, continued solder the wire on our PCB and tested it with the rails powered. It worked perfectly.

Let’s see the music :



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